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What is the new Apple TV app? Best features of the TV app for iOS

Apple’s new TV app for the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV gives you quick and easy access to your movies and shows, across all iOS platforms. Here’s all you need to know about the TV app including a look at the best features, such as Siri integration and Pay TV support.

As well as revealing some sexy new Macbooks, Apple used its October 27 launch event to pull back the curtain on its new TV app for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

The TV app (great name, by the way, guys) is aimed squarely at telly lovers and movie fans, who consume their favourite shows and flicks through Apple products. Here’s the vital information from Apple’s launch.

Apple’s TV app: What is it and how does it work?

The TV app acts as a hub for all of your video content, allowing you a seamless viewing experience across all of your iOS devices.

When you load up the Apple TV app, the Watch Now section will immediately present you with your video collection. That includes purchased shows and movies from iTunes, as well as content from your Pay TV services – as long as you’re American.

From Watch Now you can see any shows or films that you’ve already started, in the Up Next section. The next episode in a series will automatically pop up when you finish the previous one, for instance. You can also see Recommended shows and movies based on what you’ve already watched through the TV app. And if you start a show on one Apple device, the TV app can pick up from wherever you left off, even when you move to a different device.

The TV app allows you to jump straight to the iTunes store too, for purchasing new stuff to watch.

Apple’s TV app: What Pay TV¬†services are available through the TV app?

Sadly in the UK there’s no way to add your Sky content or other subscription services to the iOS TV app. However, US users can sign into their DIRECTV, DISH Network and other Pay TV services through the TV app, from December.

Apple’s TV app: Social media streams during live events

One of the TV app’s most interesting¬†features is the ability to check out live social media streams at the same time as you enjoy a live sporting event. So for instance, you can see Vines from the touchline or fan reactions for a more interactive experience.

Apple’s TV app: Live Tune-In and Siri integration

Siri is available to use in the iOS TV app, so you can quickly access the content you want.

For instance, you can say to Siri ‘watch the Stanford game’ and she’ll hunt it down and begin to play. You can also ask her ‘what games are on right now?’ and she’ll show you a list of all of the live sports currently showing.

Apple’s TV app: UK price and when can I download?

The TV app is going to be available to download for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV from December, but so far availability has only been confirmed for US users. UK users may have to wait a little longer for the TV app to be released. It’s free to download for all devices.


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