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What’s on Philips Smart TV? Blinkbox movies on demand now available

What’s new for Philips Smart TV? 

What’s on Philips Smart TV? Blinkbox movies on demand now available

Philips smart TV owners can now download the Blinkbox app, bringing on-demand movies and TV episodes to their screens.

Back in August, TP Vision for Philips announced that the streaming service was headed to Philips smart TVs around the time of the IFA conference in Germany.

Blinkbox for Philips smart TVs is available to download right now and offers movies and episodes subscription-free from as little as 99p to rent and £6.99 to buy.Philips Smart TV 2012

November 5, 2012

Pay-as-you-go film and TV service Blinkbox has joined Philips’s Smart TV service, alongside a new Social App for following live tweets as you watch TV.

Philips is also set to update its MyRemoteApp app for iOS this autumn, with the new Philips WiFi Smart Screen, which lets you beam live TV from your TV to your mobile device.

September 1, 2012


What is Philips Smart TV?

Smart TV collects together both app-based entertainment and information services with advanced functions, such as media sharing and recording.

There are three levels of Philips Smart TV: Premium, Plus and standard.

All three let you access NetTV apps, share photos, music and video from your smartphone, tablet or computer, and pause or record live TV onto a USB hard disc connected to your TV.

Smart TV Plus adds an internet browser, social networking through Facebook and Twitter, and remote control from your smartphone or tablet, using the Philips MyRemote App.

Smart TV Premium opens access to the Philips app marketplace, browsing the programme guide on tablet devices, and using the new WiFi Smart Screen to send live TV to your tablet or smartphone. It also includes Skype video calls.

Philips Smart TVs include a PIN-protected payment systems for purchases using a credit card or a pre-paid wallet within apps.

Philips high-end 6000, 7000 and 8000 series TVs also come with a double-sided remote that has a QWERTY keyboard on the back side, which is split so you can type with your thumbs.

Philips Smart TV remote

Which Philips TVs have Smart TV?

Smart TV is available both on the older 3500 series (19in, 24in, 32in and 42in) and on the new 3500 series (22in).

Smart TV Plus is mostly on the 2011 TV range: Cinema 21:9 Gold Series, DesignLine Edge and 4000-series.

Smart TV Premium and Skype video calling are available on the new 6000, 7000 and 8000 series models.

Which catch-up TV services are on Philips Smart TV?

BBC iPlayer is the only UK TV catch-up service on Philips Smart TV.

Which video-on-demand services are on Philips Smart TV?

Blinkbox has recently joined Philips Smart TV, and will be joined later this year by YouTube Movie Rentals.

You can also log in to the HiT Entertainment network, the Cartoon Network, Box Office 365, AceTrax, and iConcerts.

Which social networks are on Philips Smart TV?

There are already Facebook and Twitter apps in Net TV, but Philips new Smart TV Premium TVs have the Social App, which lets users watch TV and check-in to social media at the same time, both to tweet what they’re watching and to read tweets about what’s on.

Tweets can be sent directly to the screen and the tweets change to follow what you’re watching as you change channels. Facebook will be added to the Social App later this year.

Which games are on Philips Smart TV?

There are currently no games on Philips Smart TV.

Can I control my Philips Smart TV with my smartphone or tablet?

Philips MyRemote AppMyRemote App is (unsurprisingly) an app that lets you control your Smart TV from your iPhone, iPad or Android device. It also works with a selection of other Philips products, such as Streamium, Home Theatre Systems, Soundbars, and Blu-ray Players.

It’s got all the functions of the Philips remote control, but with extras like easy text entry for search menus via your device’s keyboard.

On the tablet edition, you can also browse the electronic programme guide for your TV, and even change channel with a tap of your finger.

You can stream video, music and pictures from your device to your TV, and from this autumn, you’ll be able to stream from your TV to your mobile over your home WiFi network. The update will come first to the iPhone and iPad editions, followed later by Android.

Can I use my music, photos and videos with Philips Smart TV?

Simply Share is a Philips Smart TV feature which lets you stream music, pictures and video from a computer, smartphone or tablet to your Smart TV.

Phones and tablets use Philips’s own MyRemote App, which computers will need to run a DLNA server such as Twonky, Windows Media Player or Tversity. 


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