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Wi-Fi-resistant wallpaper keeps the neighbours off your internets

If you’re not convinced that encryption and well-chosen passwords are enough to keep people off of your web connection, then perhaps a few rolls of this stuff might do.

The Wi-Fi resistant wallpaper, designed by the Centre Technique du Papier, can [translated] “protect data from a network connected via Wi-Fi [from] any theft or intrusion, since it has the ability to filter out electromagnetic waves of a wireless LAN.”

Wi-Fi-resistant wallpaper keeps the neighbours off your internets

Though the shady bloke who parks up in front of your drive and surfs the web on his laptop will be frustrated by the wallpaper, it’s been designed so that mobile calls can get through.

If the snowflake-lattice effect of the wallpaper isn’t to your liking, you can apparently cover it with another wallpaper layer of your choice apparently without it altering the Wi-Fi filtering properties of the base layer.

Whatever happened to lead paint?

Considering it’s mainly composed of a metallic weave, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the paper would cost an arm and a leg. French paper L’Informaticien, spotted by way of The Register, reports that the price will be “equivalent to a classic mid-range wallpaper. Though if you’re planning on covering it up you’ll need to shell out for two lots of wallpaper…

Windows of course will leak Wi-Fi unless you’ve treated the glass with a metal-based tint. Or, as the Centre’s Guy Eymin Petot Tourtollet suggests, the technology could be replicated to provide cover for ceilings, floors and windows.

Not that they’re suggesting you paste paper over your windows of course…