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WiFi Plug app hits iTunes App Store, lets peeps control homes with iPhones

WiFi Plug, the Leeds-based smart home company has launched an iOS app, letting iPhone and iPad owners control appliances from anywhere there’s a data connection. 

WiFi-enabled mains adapters, which cost £30 a pop, connect wirelessly to your home broadband router. Once you’ve downloaded the app you’ll need to manually enter the individual codes found on the back of each adapter to pair everything. 

When you’ve done that you can assign a name to each plug like ‘coffee machine’, ‘TV set’, ‘GHD straighteners’ to make things easier. Then you’re free to remotely control the flow of electricity in your home. 

WiFi Plug app hits iTunes App Store, lets peeps control homes with iPhones

You can control WiFi Plug connections on your phone or tablet whether you’re connected to WiFi, 3G or 4G from anywhere in the world. 

Smart home systems like this aren’t new; we’ve seen the likes of ValtamyStrom, E.ON and British Gas before. WiFi Plug doesn’t come with an energy meter that lets you analyse your home’s energy consumption patterns unlike Valta. But having the option to turn things off on the go will still see you saving money on the old leccy bill. You just won’t know exactly how much you’re saving. 

If you like the idea of WiFi Plug and want to buy in bulk you can pick up three mains adapters for £80, saving you a tenner if you were to buy them all separately. 

There’s also an Android app, letting those with HTC Ones and Samsung Galaxy S4’s take control too. 

Download the WiFi Plug apps from iTunes and Google Play now. 


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