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Will Sky Q support VR? Sky’s shooting 360 video for Oculus Rift and Facebook

Sky is working on 360 degree videos that, like last year’s Star Wars video, will be launched on Facebook. 

The plan is that owners of VR headsets like Oculus Rift will also be able to immerse themselves in Sky’s panoramic creations, according to a report in Digital TV Europe. 

Related: Sky and Jaunt team up to deliver immersive Hobbit fun on Oculus RiftManaging director of content for Sky Gary Davey revealed the plans at a Royal Television Society event last night, where he also reiterated that 4K Ultra HD content, including live football and movies, would be arriving on soon-to-launch platform Sky Q later this year

Davey said that Sky’s 4K offering would include ‘a wide range of content including high-end documentary material’ alongside already confirmed sports, movies and entertainment channel. 

As for VR content, there’s not much more to go on at the moment, but we know that Sky’s been busy testing out Jaunt’s 360 degree camera rig at a number of locations, including the sets of Penny Dreadful, Fortitude and Got to Dance and most recently Greece for the Sky News Migrants Crisis – The Whole Picture special. 

It’s not confirmed if Sky Q will be capable of streaming TV content directly to people’s VR headsets, but we do know that of those 12 tuners that are baked in to the Sky Q Silver box, one is tantalisingly reserved for ‘future services’. While nothing’s been confirmed yet, this could very well be VR. 


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