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Wireless broadband provides internet lifeline to Lincolnshire villages

People living in rural parts of Lincolnshire are to be helped to get high speed internet using wireless broadband. 

The Lincolnshire scheme aimed to get residents in remote villages online using village halls as wireless hotspots so residents can connect to them and get speeds of up to 20Mbps. Up to 40 village halls in the are have been decked out with wireless broadband and have been installed by wireless broadband provider Quickline. 

The rollout, as we reported back in April, has cost the West Lindsay council £15,000 to implement. Lincolnshire County Council has also put computers in local libraries and installed wireless access points in Caistor and Market Rasen. 

Credit: Wikimedia/David Wright
The town of Caistor, Lincolnshire, now benefitting from a broadband lifeline

Previously, residents had to make do with speeds up to only 0.5Mbps or use dial-up networking. However, that option has now vanished as BT pulled the plug on its dial-up internet service last month.

“Poor internet connection is a big issue,” Caistor district Councillor Alan Caine told the Grimsby Telegraph. “Broadband provision using traditional telephone cables sees the signal deteriorate the further from the roadside cabinet you are. Some rural users are miles away, which significantly reduces the potential strength.”

The councillor is working with the wireless provider to extend the local households and business in the area.

“This is putting rural West Lindsey on a level footing with more urban areas,” he said. 

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