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Wireless broadband plans for Whitehaven and Keswick laid by Solway Communications

​Wireless ISP Solway Communications has revealed plans to extend its wireless broadband coverage, which would bring Whitehaven and Keswick into the fold. 

Solway Communications currently provides wireless broadband connections in and around Carlisle, extending north to encompass Gretna in Scotland and as far south as the edges of Maryport on the Cumbrian coast.

The plans are to extend this network south as far as Whitehaven – encompassing Maryport, Seaton and Workington along the way – and east, to cover Keswick. Check the map below, taken from Solway’s site.

View Solway Coverage Zone in a larger map

Solway Communications provides broadband packages with speeds up to 10Mbps, unlimited downloads as standard and contention ratios of 4:1.

Standard installation costs are £250 which is quite steep compared traditional landline-based broadband but, as it’s wireless broadband, you’re free from having to pay line rental. If you still want to be able to make landline calls, then there’s the option of adding VoIP calls and saving money.

Packages start from £25/month and you’re also guaranteed to get at least 75 per cent of your top advertised speed, even at peak times. So if you’ll get at least 3.75Mbps if you’re on the 5Mbps package, 5.625Mbps if you’re on the 7.5Mbps service and 7.5Mbps if you’ve got the 10Mbps service.

We’ll update once we hear that Solway’s expansion plans have been given the go-ahead.


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