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Wireless broadband provider to the Ministry of Defence could bring 20Mbps to you soon

Wireless broadband provider Wifinity Limited, which counts the Ministry of Defence among its clients, could be bringing 20Mbps broadband to other parts of the UK soon. 

Wifinity offers both 20Mbps download and upload speeds on its wireless broadband packages, along with similar 4Mbps and 10Mbps symmetrical packages and unlimited downloads as standard. 

Ofcom has today launched a consultation into granting Wifinity the Code Powers it needs to engage in street works.

Wireless broadband provider to the Ministry of Defence could bring 20Mbps to you soon

Right now, Wifinity supplies wireless broadband to high-density buildings such as apartment blocks, student housing holiday parks and military barracks. If given the new powers by Ofcom, Wifinity will be able to set up and sell its services in other parts of the UK.

As well as beaming up to 20Mbps speeds into people’s homes one of the advantages of Wifinity’s wireless broadband is that there’s no need for you to pay line rental as there’s no line to rent, so to speak. Wireless broadband installation prices, which see you having to fix a wireless antenna to the roof of your house, are typically pricier than your common garden ADSL broadband installation costs however.

The consultation is due to end on April 8, 2013 and will not likely meet any opposition. Despite this there’s no further details of Wifinity’s rollout plans, where it intends to bring wireless broadband and when. Wifinity is based in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey so we’d expect to see concentrated rollout there. More details on this and Wifinity’s plans as and when we hear of them.


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