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Wireless broadband from ThinkingWISP now covers 90 per cent of Norfolk

Over 90 per cent of Norfolk can now get up to 10Mbps wireless broadband, thanks to ISP ThinkingWISP extending its network. 

Two masts installed at Outwell near Wisbech and Gayton near King’s Lynn have expanded ThinkingWISP’s network to the extent that the firm now also covers parts of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. 

This will be of interest to people and businesses based in the margins who might not be covered by the Better Broadband for Norfolk scheme, which aims to provide superfast broadband to 80 per cent of the county. 

Wireless broadband from ThinkingWisp now covers 90 per cent of Norfolk
Will of the WISP: Wireless broadband is available in 90 per cent of Norfolk

While this should see speeds of at least 24Mbps reaching the majority of homes, the BDUK (Broadband Delivery for the UK) programme will see those in the 20 per cent stuck on speeds of at least 2Mbps. 

ThinkingWISP provides a range of packages providing guaranteed download speeds of 3Mbps, 8Mbps 10Mbps. Prices start at £15.99/month for a package with a 10GB monthly usage limit. Installation fees for the entry level package are £199 although you can opt to break this down to monthly payments of £19.99 over 24 months. There’s no charge for line rental but you can add a VOIP calls package for £9.99/month.

The ISP is a partnership between NRCC (Norfolk Rural Community Council), InTouch systems and AF Affinity, which is a subsidiary of Anglia Farmers. The ISP initially installed a wireless transmitter at Norwich Airport and another mast in Marsham to help bring about better internet access to rural parts of the county. The network also covers parts of Waveney in Suffolk. 

Jon Clemo, chief executive of NRRC told local newspaper Lynn News that despite the recent announcement of additional investment for superfast broadband “there are still many Norfolk communities which do not even get 2Mbps and have no assurance as to when they will get the basic service they need.” 

“ThinkingWISP is helping more and more homes and businesses who were struggling to get the broadband they need and I am delighted that the service is now available in the West Norfolk and Lynn area,” he added. 

Last November the ISP installed a transmitter in Wymondham, covering the areas of Attleborough, Wymondham, Hethersett and Long Stratton. 

Norfolk’s geography makes it ideal for wireless ISPs to roll out on a wide scale, so much so that WiSpire, a separate wireless broadband project, has been set up, utlising church spires as ad hoc antennas.

WiSpire currently offers an 8Mbps service with unlimited downloads for £20/month plus a one-off £60 installation fee. 

Image: Geograph/Richard Humphrey


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