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Wuaki adds iOS7 app

Video streaming service has launched a new app for iOS devices that brings the service to the iPhone and iPad.

The Player, available from the App Store, allows users to browse, rent, or purchase movies and TV series from a catalogue of over 5,000 titles directly from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Previously purchased and rented titles will be automatically made available through the ‘My Library’ section, meaning users can watch content anywhere, anytime over a Wi-Fi connection. Personal wishlists are also automatically synced on the new mobile app. Selection subscribers will also be able to stream an on-demand catalogue directly to their Apple device, taking’s subscription catalogue with them wherever they go.

The service has already launched apps for LG, Samsung and Sony Smart TVs, Android tablets and the Xbox One console.

“Redesigning Player for iOS7 means iPhone and Apple users can take our entire quality catalogue with them wherever they go,” said Jacinto Roca, chief executive of

“It’s commonplace for users to expect all their content, movies and TV shows, to be available across every device and platform they use. At we want to allow users to access on-demand streaming on every device they have with a screen, and this is big step in reaching that goal.”


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