All Sections demos 4K streams on LG and Samsung smart TVs is preparing to launch 4K Ultra HD content for its smart TV customers. 

The Rakuten-owned streaming service demonstrated its new 4K streams at IFA 2014 in Berlin, which will be available to British and Spanish subscribers later this year. The new app, due to launch later this year, has been demoed on LG and Samsung smart TVs. 

It’s not known for sure which smart TV platforms the new app will land on first. Both Samsung and Panasonic have been keen to pursue deals with Netflix and Amazon, so its possible we’ll see 4K content coming to Pansonic TVs too. 

Samsung smart TVs seem a dead cert for's 4K streams
Samsung smart TVs seem a dead cert for’s 4K streams

It’s also not known what content will show in 4K. In-demand HBO content including Game of Thrones and True Detective is currently available to rent from could drive a lot of interest to the fledgling streaming service and give it an edge over the bigger players in the market. 

Jordi Miró, CTO of said: “Offering our content in 4K UHD is one of our most important and relevant strategic moves for 

“It reflects two of our biggest objectives; to stand out in the market with superior technology, and to offer our viewers the most satisfying movie experience.” hasn’t announced what the minimum required bandwidth is to access its 4K streams. Both Netflix and Prime Instant Video offer customers 4K content provided that they can get a constant 20Mbps of downstream bandwidth. 

As well as bringing 4K Ultra HD content to the table, the new app will also boast a refreshed interface and for the first time offer subscribers recommendations based on previously watched movies and TV shows. 

Roger Bretos, chief design officer of, added: “We have been working hard to come up with this innovative interface that really matches our user’s requirements. 

“The new UI enhances the user’s experience, is easy to use, and visually pleasant. We accomplished a great challenge for my team so I’m particularly proud of it.” also revealed plans to expand to Germany, France and Italy in the near future. No release dates for the new app have been given yet. 


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