All Sections on-demand video lands on Samsung Smart TV

As if Samsung Smart TV owners didn’t have enough choice, on-demand video service Wuaki has now arrived. 

Bringing movie and TV titles ranging from Iron Man 3 and 3:10 to Yuma, The Borgias and Breaking Bad, the app lets you watch titles on a pay per view basis or sign up for a Wuaki Plus monthly subscription. 

Early adopters will be able to snap up Wuaki Plus for a discounted rate of £2.99/month instead of the regular £5.99/month. This half price rate applies for as long as you remain a subscriber and won’t expire after a set period of months. The offer does run out on September 13, but if you sign up before then you’ll pay just £2.99/month forever.

Wuaki Plus is normally £5.99/month but early adopters can get it for £2.99/month – for life

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to Samsung Smart TVOther titles available from Wuaki include Dexter (series 1-6), Trance, Oblivion and Oz The Great And Powerful

Guy Kinnell, head of TV and AV at Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland, said: “With the nation changing the way we consume film and TV content, having a great selection of entertainment partners such as in our Smart TV store enables us to provide people with the freedom of choice to watch their favourite shows and movies at a time convenient for them.”

Samsung’s TV Futures: The Future of Smart TV report from May suggests that almost one fifth of people stayed at home more often to watch films on TV rather than go to the cinema. Luckily for Samsung, its very own connected TV platform is chock full of things for people to watch.

As well as catch up services from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 as well as Netflix, Lovefilm and Blinkbox, there’s also more highbrow services like the BFI Player, Curzon On Demand as well as S[edition], which is arguably the most expensive way to look at art in the home. Damien Hirst’s jumped-up Twister mats might cost a few bob but picture frames don’t require mains electricity to run. 

For those with more modest wallets and more mainstream tastes, Wuaki’s £2.99/month offer might be just the ticket. 

Wuaki is also available on Windows and Mac OS machines, iPad and selected Android tablets.


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