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Xbox 360 YouTube app update lets you queue videos from your phone

Xbox 360 YouTube app update lets you queue videos from your phoneMicrosoft has rolled out an update for the Xbox 360 which sees the YouTube app being vastly improved with a feature which lets you queue up video playlists from your phone.

In the new YouTube app, in the settings there’s an option to pair your phone or tablet. Once you’ve inputted a nine-digit code on your phone, you’ll be able to search for videos on your phone, tap the ‘add to TV queue’ option and your video selection will be magically pinged to your TV screen.

The YouTube experience on Xbox 360 has always been hobbled by that awful hunt and peck typing system. Searching for videos using the 360’s controller always felt a bit more like you were entering your initials on the Space Invaders high score screen than anything else. Now we’ve got something a little bit more 21st Century in our hands. 

If your phone or tablet can access YouTube through its web browser then you should be able to sign in to this. You can connect over both 3G and WiFi although seeing as chances are you’re going to be indoors, WiFi is your best option.

Xbox SmartGlass availed us in this somewhat but we can see this new Leanback-style system becoming our new favourite way of enjoying YouTube videos on our TV.

PlayStation 3 owners have been able to enjoy this for a while now but now finally the Xbox 360 can join the TV party on equal terms.


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