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Xbox adds 92,000 music videos to Xbox Music

Around 92,000 music videos have been added to the Xbox Music service on the Xbox One games console, according to the official Xbox One blog.

The addition of the music videos comes just a week before a major system update to the console bringing new functions and the standard round of bug fixes.

The app has now removed the division between music videos and songs, with videos streaming automatically in high definition whenever a song is played that has an associated video in the system.

Xbox adds 92,000 music videos to Xbox Music

The app allows users to create playlists and radio streams based on a favourite artist. To find a playalist, a user can say “Xbox play” and watch the videos appear on screen.

“You don’t have to spend hours tracking down videos for each song – it’s all rolled into one easy step,” according to Microsoft’s blog post.

A search filter has been added to the app that enables Xbox Music subscribers to browse through the service’s video collection only. Microsoft has previously included music videos streaming on the Xbox 360 as part of Xbox Music.

Much like Spotify, Xbox Music costs £8.99/month for unlimited streaming. As well as Xbox One and Xbox 360 there are apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The web app allows users to stream for free but this is ad-supported. The service itself carries 18 million songs in its database.

Xbox One consoles are due for another major update this week. Dubbed the Titanfall March Xbox One update, this brings changes to the party system and the user interface.


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