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Xbox One’s Digital TV Tuner turns your console into a Freeview HD box

Xbox One owners will be able turn their bleeding-edge console into a Freeview HD box when the Digital TV Tuner arrives in October. 

Costing £24.99, the Digital TV Tuner, which features a DVB-T2 tuner will let you access the same channels you currently can on Freeview HD – BBC One, Channel 4, ITV HD and Babestation (we’re not judgemental) – by shouting at your TV. 

Kinect voice controls will be fully supported, meaning you can say “Xbox, show guide, what’s on BBC One?” and jump straight in to The Great British Bake Off, EastEnders, or, when it comes out, the new Doctor Who. 

'This does everything your Freeview box does for £25!' Er, not quite.
‘This does everything your Freeview box does for £25!’ Er, not quite.

Once it’s plugged in to your Xbox One you’ll also be able pause live TV, check the programme guide and create your own favourites within the Xbox’s OneGuide. 

So far so good, but should you throw your old Freeview HD box in the bin right away? Well, no. 

While the Digital TV Tuner is cheap as hell – cheaper than Chromecast – you won’t be able to record any programmes and store them on your Xbox One’s drive. You can pause live TV, but you can’t record any shows. 

You can create a list of your favourite channels and use the SmartGlass apps to turn your phone into a fancy remote – but you can’t record any shows. You can even shout out your favourite channel by name and your Xbox One will jump straight to that channel – but you can’t record any shows. 

While it’s not a complete stand-in for a Freeview HD set top box, TV listings will tell you which shows are available from on-demand apps like Now TV, 4oD and (eventually) BBC iPlayer. 

Microsoft hasn’t said if a future update will let you record and store shows on your console or announced exactly when it’ll hit UK shelves: all we know right now is that it’ll cost £25 and it’s out in October. 


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