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Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Which one should I buy?

Xbox One or PS4? Which one should you go for? Both next-gen machines are powerful, high-end consoles both will set you back a fair bit. If you haven’t made your mind up by now then this video is for you. 

Unable to make our minds up we spoke to gaming expert Guy Cocker to take us through the finer points of each machine, chew the fat and come to a conclusion. As for the answer to the above question… well, you’ll have to watch the video won’t you? 

As it the case with anything worth spending a fair bit of money on, like Sky and Virgin Media bundles for example, it’s not simply a case of ‘which one iz teh best’ but which is the best for you. 

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Which one should I buy?
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A quick verdict for the TL;DR crowd (if you’re still here) – if you’re concerned primarily about gaming power then Sony’s machine is your weapon of choice. If you want something that acts as an all-in-one entertainment hub then the Xbox One will see to that.  

That said, Microsoft’s improved Kinect is a more impressive piece of hardware than the PS4’s camera. As well as letting you control certain functions of the console with voice actions, the sensors can pick on on things like your heartbeat, signaling all kinds of possibilities for future game development. 

On the other hand, some might prefer the PS4’s controller with its touchpad, to the Xbox One’s chunkier gamepad. The option to use a PS Vita as a controller and a portable second screen, allowing you to take your games with you, could be just the ticket. 

If you’re more of a BBC iPlayer viewer than a 4oDer, then you’ll want the PS4 and not the Xbox One, for now at least. 

If you don’t know by now whether or not you want an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4, watch the video below to explore the finer points and let us know what you think in the comments. 


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