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Xbox Video updated for multiscreen viewing in time for the Hobbit

Xbox Video customers can now start streaming films on one device and pick on where they left off on another.  

Subscribers will be able to start watching movies online at and carry on viewing on a Windows 8 machine, a Windows Phone 8 phone or on a Xbox 360 or Xbox One. 

This bookmarking feature feature arrives just as The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug prepares to barrel-ride its way to Xbox Video. 

Xbox One SmartGlass updated for multiscreen viewing in time for the Hobbit
The Xbox One ring to rule them all…

Microsoft has also announced that a string of updates will be hitting the SmartGlass mobile apps for Xbox One gamers. 

As well as being able to browse the web more easily using you phone as a controller, you’ll now be able to find people you’ve recently played with online, add them as a friend, or issue a rematch challenge. 

SmartGlass can now sort Friends list by online status for a quick view of what others are doing and view an Activity Feed that mirrors a view on their console desktop. 

You’ll also be able to and launch an app in Snap from a mobile device and unsnap it again when finished, making it easy to queue up 4oD catch up content on your TV, load up a Machimania walkthrough, or whatever you want. Finally, SmartGlass can now also receive Xbox Live messaging alerts on your phone. 



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