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YouView Android update irons out recording clashes

YouView has rolled out an update to its Android app that will allow viewers to review recording requests and see which ones have failed to record.

The app now lets users review recording requests from the new Bookings screen, although it will only display requests made through the app and not those made directly through the YouView+ box.

The update adds features which have been available on iOS devices since March, and groups recording requests by their status, then orders them by the original broadcast date. 

YouView Android update irons out recording clashes
YouView+ owners can now fix recording clashes from their Android phone

The Bookings screen also allows users to hide individual recording requests or all recording requests within a group. Any recording request that has not been successful for any reason will make a ‘Booking update’ notification message appear.

Each recording request includes the status e.g. so that users can see if the recording request has been successful, or if there is a recording clash with another programme which has been requested through either the app or the YouView+ box.

Viewers will also be able to request another screening or showing of the programme if a recording request failed due to a recording clash. This can be done, so long as it is showing at least 30 minutes in the future, from the Programme Information screen.

The update requires the additional device permission ‘run at startup’. This is to ensure notifications continue to be displayed even after your device is restarted, YouView said.

The YouView App for Android can be downloaded on most Android 2.3+ devices and has been tested to support the following smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Ace, LG Nexus 4, and the HTC One (m7).


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