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YouView filtering update brings audio issues for TalkTalk TV viewers

A YouView update has caused some TalkTalk TV viewers to experience audio problems, rendering the TV boxes mute. 

The issue is thought to be related to the recent update that lets viewers filter channels from the YouView programme guide. Ironically, one of the stated aims of the 12.29.05 software update was to fix a sound issue where YouView boxes wouldn’t record programmes in stereo.

Now some viewers are finding that they can’t get any sound at all through HDMI connections. Customers posting on both YouView and TalkTalk forums have been airing their grievances.

YouWhat? Software update causes confusion for YouViewers

Read Recombu Digital’s guides to TalkTalk TV and YouViewSound over HDMI doesn’t appear to work at all since the last update, although some viewers have reported that you can get audio over Scart connections. 

Commenter Paul Suller also claims to have discovered a workaround by connecting an optical cable to DAC digital to analog converter to connect to audio inputs on an external amplifier. 

Ken Runcorn claims that by heading into the settings and switching from Stereo to Surround sound over HDMI, you can get audio back on the HD channels but not the standard definition ones. 

While these workarounds are less than ideal, it’s better to have some sound than none at all. According to the comments, the audio problem also seems to be limited to Philips TV sets. We’ve not experienced any problems with our Huawei-made TalkTalk TV box so far but will confirm later.

We’ve asked TalkTalk, YouView and TP Vision for Philips for some advice on this issue and we’ll update once we hear back. 


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