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YouView matches Sky+HD for size: Humax’s 2TB DTR-T1010 set top box

Humax has unveiled its latest YouView box, a DTR-T1010 with a massive 2TB hard drive. 

Costing £300 – the same launch price as the original 500GB box – the 2TB DTR-T1010 gives YouViewers enough space to record 1,200 hours of standard definition TV and 500 hours of HD programmes.

In terms of drive space that’s the same as what you’d get with Sky’s biggest Sky+HD box, which costs from £149 in addition to your Sky TV subscription. 

YouView matches Sky+HD for size: Humax’s 2TB DTR-T1010 set top box
We’re going to need a bigger boat: Humax’s latest YouView box rocks with a 2TB drive

As with all YouView set tip  boxes you get access to an on-demand suite containing BBC iPlayer, ITV Player 4oD, Demand 5, STV, S4C, Now TV, Sky Store, milkshake! Dave, Really and Yesterday as standard. 

You can also catch-up on programmes you’ve missed out on by going backwards in the programme guide and selecting them from there. 

Design-wise it’s exactly the same as the retro silver stylings of the DTR-T1010, which launched last year in 500GB and 1TB editions. 

Graham North, Commercial Director at Humax, commented: “Having plenty of storage capacity can be vital for larger households, where demand for a wide range of shows, series and films means frequent battles over what to keep and delete. 

“Now with 2TB of recording space, the new DTR-T1010 solves any recording issues, while providing all the rich features of the YouView service at your fingertips.” 

The 500GB and 1TB DTR-T1010’s are still on sale, priced at £249.99 and £259.99 respectively. The 2TB DTR-T1010 will be available exclusively from Humax Direct and will be priced at £299.99. 

David Faulkner, Head of Corporate and Business Development, YouView said, “We are focused on offering a simple and easy to use TV service and we’re pleased that even more programme storage is now available to customers who enjoy using the record functionality on YouView.” 

YouView partner BT recently unveiled its latest YouView box which promises a slicker, faster experience but has a 500GB drive. The YouView-based TalkTalk TV Plus box has an even smaller 350GB drive. 


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