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YouView-based TalkTalk TV on track for 1m customers as 167,000 sign up

TalkTalk has experienced a surge in sign ups for its YouView-based TalkTalk TV service. 

The latest figures reveal that 167,000 customers signed up for digital TV with TalkTalk in the last three months. 

This takes the total subscriber base for the service to 557,000, over half a million, a figure which chief executive Dido Harding reckons will be at least doubled in six months time. 

YouView-based TalkTalk TV on track for 1m customers as 167,000 sign up

Read our guides to YouViewTalkTalk TV and the UK’s TV Customer League TableStill officially the UK’s fastest growing TV service, TalkTalk TV is expected to pick up even more customers now that the entry-level TalkTalk Essentials TV deal has launched alongside the existing TalkTalk Plus TV package

Both services let you access and subscribe to the same digital channels – a mixture of digital terrestrial and broadband (IP) channels which can include Sky 1 and Sky Sports. TalkTalk recently added the option of Sky On Demand, letting customers who subscribe to Sky channels through TalkTalk TV access catch-up content

Harding said: “We are delighted with the progress we have made in the first half. We have the fastest growing TV business in the UK and we now expect to have nearly 1m TV customers by the end of [the next financial year].” 

TalkTalk’s financial year ends six months from now, so we’ll see whether or not the million mark is hit next June. 

Compared to three months ago, TalkTalk TV had roughly 390,000 subscribers and six months before that around 230,000 people had signed up, less than half the current figure. If this rate of growth continues then TalkTalk TV will easily have a million customers by Summer 2014. 


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