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YouView trials opened to all discreet tech junkies

The first rule of the YouView trial is: You Do Not Talk About The YouView Trial.

YouView is taking registrations for its public trial of the combined Freeview and broadband TV service.

The platform is looking for early adopters with a wide range of broadband connections and locations, who must agree not to tell anyone if it’s good or bad.

In return, you’ll get a £300 Humax YouView box and the cables you need to hook it up to your broadband and TV, plus tech support, but you pay for everything else, including premium on-demand services.

Humax YouView box

The trial conditions promise: “The content you access via your YouView Box will be a mixture of live and on-demand programming which may vary in quality, quantity and availability.

“Neither we nor any of the people who make content available to you accept any liability for the unavailability of any programming or of any other aspect of the Trial service.

“In using your YouView Box, you may choose to visit an individual content provider’s on-demand service. We are not responsible for the programming or your individual experience whilst you are accessing any individual on-demand service.”

You’ll need to be over-16, with a TV aerial, TV Licence, and an internet connection, and willing to take part in regular feedback via phone and email.

The registration process takes down details of your broadband provider, existing home entertainment setup, and asks you to run a speed test.

There’s even a question on how far your TV sits from your broadband router, suggesting they’ll be testing accessories like WiFi and Powerline to extend broadband connections around the home.

The Non-Disclosure Agreement conditions are lengthy, but can be summed up as ‘do not talk about or share any information about the trial outside of the people you live with, don’t share any images or video of the box and services on it, don’t attempt to hack or connect the box to any unauthorised services, and don’t try to open the YouView box’.

YouView, for those new to it, is a hybrid TV platform combining a Freeview HD recorder with catch-up TV and other on-demand video delivered via your broadband connection. It’s backed by the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, TalkTalk, BT, and Arqiva.