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YouView adds support for USB keyboards and zooms in on accessibility

YouView is touting itself as the UK’s most accessible TV platform following its latest update adding improved control and display settings. 

The new features, which were announced last week, focus on addressing specific accessibility issues and have started hitting retail YouView boxes, devices which have been purchased independently of any BT or TalkTalk TV bundle. 

The latest version of the software allows for USB keyboards to be plugged in and used as controllers. 

YouView adds support for USB keyboards and zooms in on accessibility
Three of YouView’s accessibility controls in action: High contrast, zoom and no picture-in-picture

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to YouViewThis is designed primarily to help those with motor issues who struggle to use the standard YouView remote. Specific controls such as search and guide have been mapped to keyboards and typing on an actual keyboard rather than using the remote’s numeric keys, will no doubt make looking for shows much easier. 

Next to this comes an improvement to the zoom function which now lets you move around the screen and select options with the remote. In the past all hitting zoom would get you was an enlarged version of the screen. 

Additionally, the small picture-in-picture screen that is normally displayed in the top right hand corner of the guide screen can be turned off, allowing for an easier navigation experiences for customers with cognitive disorders. 

Susie Buckridge, Director of Product at YouView said: “The goal of YouView has always been to ensure it’s the easiest way for all of our customers in the UK to find the TV they love. 

“We hope these accessibility updates will give a wider range of customers the means to discover great TV and radio, by providing the tools to make our user interface and mobile applications easy to navigate. We are particularly pleased with the new zoom function which is a UK first and will give visually impaired users a much clearer user journey.” 

This update follows the launch of a high-contrast mode (pictured) which flattens a lot of the YouView menu’s graphical flourishes and features a more monochrome scheme. This is intended to make the guide text more legible for visually impaired customers. As well as this, the YouView mobile apps now support voice actions designed to setting recordings from your phone much more easily.  


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