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Zeebox iPhone and iPad app update: Shout Out, Group Chat, reminders and Twitter Tribes

Hot on the heels of Orange TV Check (well, a week after) comes an update for the Zeebox app for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).

Version 3.2.0 of the app brings with it more social features in the form of Shout Out – a way to let everyone know what you’re watching – and Group Chat which, er, facilitates group chats.

This makes two-screening your favourite shows a little more exclusive than simply following programme hashtags on Twitter. Though you’ll inevitably miss out on stranger’s hilarious comments during #HIGNFY, you can simulate a ‘night in’ with some of your closer internet buddies.

Another feature which seems tailor made for football matches is Twitter Tribes. This lets you watch individual tweet streams for teams during matches to see what the crowd is saying – Terrace Chants 2.0 if you will.

Timely released for the Champions League final tomorrow, you’ll be able to view everything with #Chelsea or #BaynernMunich in them. 

It’s a bit like creating a couple of TweetDeck columns in principle, but you could use this feature for all sorts of things, to follow #Team Phoenix or #Team Sterling on #TheApprentice.

Another welcome feature to the Zeebox fold is programme reminders. There’s EPGs for Sky, Virgin Media, Freeview and Freesat built in and setting reminders is a breeze. Simply scroll through the channel lists ‘til you see what you want and tap the alarm clock icon.

Though not ground breaking stuff, the reminders service is a welcome addition to Zeebox’s Swiss Army knife. It could do with a better search tool mind; at present you can only search by channel or genre instead of tapping ‘Game of Thrones’ in.

That said if you’re going to be watching stuff on Sky you’d probably already have Sky Remote Record set up on your phone.

Zeebox is fast becoming the must-have TV app for the sheer amount of things you can do with it. As well as aggregating social streams, it lets you use your iPhone or iPad as a Wi-Fi remote control for some Smart TVs and Virgin Media’s TiVo box.

The new app is available to download for iPhone and iPad now – the Zeebox Android app hasn’t updated in Google Play just yet (its still in beta) but we imagine these features will roll out in due course.


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