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Zen Internet increases download allowances

Zen Internet has increased the monthly download limits for its customer on all its broadband services. The new limits cam into effect yesterday.

The download usage allowance for new and existing customers will automatically increase, meaning that users of Zen’s entry level ‘Lite’ will get a usage allowance of 50GB. Usage on the top of the range Office Max is now unlimited and there will be no changes to the prices for any of Zen’s broadband services, the ISP said.

While the limits have increased for users, the firm has promised to not change its no Fair Usage Policy (FUP) and no traffic shaping policies.

To support the increase in usage limits and avoid fair usage policies and traffic shaping Zen said it would continually measure usage across its network to predict future requirements. It said it would then ensure that upgrades are implemented in a timely fashion so that capacity is available ready to satisfy actual demand.

“Whether you are a home broadband or business broadband customer, we recognise that you are using your broadband for so much more now. For this reason, and because we are truly serious about our mission “to provide the best ISP service in the UK”, it’s time for an increase to our usage allowances,’ said” said Richard Tang, managing director of Zen Internet

Zen has also recently launched new lower priced Fibre and Phone packages. These packages are now a lower priced option for those customers wanting even faster speeds.  It said both its ‘up to 38Mbps’ and ‘up to 76Mbps’ come with unlimited usage as well. 


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