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Zen to increase usage limits on ADSL offerings

Zen Internet is to increase usage allowances on its ADSL and ADSL 2+ products more than doubling most of them.

For its Lite product, the 20GB limit has been increase to 50GB for £18.75 per month. Its Active product’s limits go from 100GB to 200GB for £25.52 per month.

Its Pro product increases its allowances from 200GB to 500GB per month for £35.74.

Meanwhile, its Office product, aimed at businesses, increases its limits from 400GB to 1000GB per month for £54.00 while its Office Max limits of 2000GB have been changed to unlimited. For £94.80 per month (including VAT).

For existing Zen customers the changes will apply once their usage allowance is reset on 1st December.

Fibre customers of the ISP can get an unlimited usage allowance service with up to 38 Mbps download and 9.5 Mbps upload service can be ordered for £27 per month.

The better usage allowances on its fibre products are down to the way Zen uses its own backhaul network for fibre.

In September, the ISP launched a pair of unlimited fibre broadband packages, cryptically called Unlimited 1 and Unlimited 2.


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