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Zen’s fibre broadband ready for 80Mbps speed double in May

Zen Broadband fibre-to-the-cabinet customers will get a free speed boost when it doubles most packages into the 80Mbps range from May 9.

The Fibre Active, Fibre Pro, Fibre Office and Fibre Office Plus packages will be upgraded without charge or the need to sign a new contract.

All four will become up-to-76Mbps downstream services with up-to-19Mbps uploads, although the basic Fibre Lite package remains at up-to-38Mbps.

Fibre Active and Fibre Pro will now have a minimum speed guarantee of 15Mbps, and Fibre Office and Fibre Office Pro will get a reliable 30Mbps.

The monthly charge for Fibre Active will go down to £29.50/month plus VAT, and all packages remain on a 12-month minimum contract.

Andrew Saunders, head of product management and marketing for Zen Broadband, said: “We believe that we have the strongest portfolio of fibre optic broadband products in the UK.

“Having worked with BT since the initial fibre optic broadband trials, we have a hands-on experience of the technology that other providers cannot match, and the latest, most up-to-date information on progress and future plans.

“It is important to us that we continue to develop these new services in line with our mission to provide the best ISP service in the UK.

“We are working hard to ensure we provide all our customers with the award winning level of service and support that they expect from us for these new services.”

Zen has also reduced the price of the standard Technicolor TG582N wireless router from £50 to £35 (plus VAT). It’s delivered free of charge, pre-configured for Zen services, with wireless N capability and four Ethernet ports. 

Usage allowances are 100GB for Fibre Active, 200GB for Fibre Pro, 400GB for Fibre Office and 1TB for Fibre Office Plus, and there’s no traffic management, shaping or fair usage policy.

Zen is the latest broadband provider to offer 80Mbps services, following BT, Sky and TalkTalk, after BT Openreach upgraded its fibre-to-the-cabinet wholesale network in April

Cover image: Joel Olives/Flickr