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About Broadband Speed Tests

Broadband Speed Test

If you want to check your own broadband speed, you can use our quick and easy tool. It takes your broadband connection and calculates the actual upload and download speeds you are experiencing right now. This helps you work out the genuine pace of your web connection, which is often lower than the advertised maximum promoted by a provider.

There can be different factors affecting your broadband speed, such as time of day, so you might want to try the speed test again later as well, and compare the results of your connection.

Maximum Broadband Speed

All broadband providers will advertise a maximum possible speed for your type of broadband connection. When you see a broadband deal, the highest possible speed is promoted, but the term ‘up to’ is used because your broadband is unlikely to reach that speed and certainly won’t do it regularly.

All the providers do it, because the advertised speed is possible, but several other common factors consistently affect actual internet speed, so you will usually experience something a little slower.

Actual Broadband Speed

Your actual broadband speed is the genuine quickness of your internet connection, and this is calculated by our broadband speed test. It is accurate and reliable, and gives you clear details about both your upload and download speeds.

Upload and Download

Whenever you view a page of news, stream a video or buy a song online, you are downloading. Any web browsing you do requires the download of information, so your download speed has a major effect on your internet experience. It is often recorded as Mbps, sometimes shortened to Mb, which means megabits per second.

Your upload speed determines how quickly you can take a file, like a photo or video, and put it onto the internet. Whenever you post a video from your camera onto Facebook, for example, you are uploading. This is far less common than downloading, and as a result it is a much slower speed.

Faster Broadband

If you’re looking to get your broadband speed increased, there are usually a few ways that could help, but this will depend on your type of connection and provider. In some cases, it can help to stick with off-peak times when the local connection is less crowded, and you may find you have too many devices connected to Wi-Fi in your home, which slows the connection. You can normally get some advice from your provider, so contact them and see if they have any suggestions.

If you want something considerably quicker, and you’ve finished the minimum term of your current broadband contract, then it might be helpful to compare broadband deals and check out the other offers available.

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