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Amazon opens a grocery store in London that has no checkouts

Amazon Fresh has arrived in London, allowing you to buy groceries without having to visit the checkout first. Is this the future of food shopping?

The UK’s first Amazon Fresh store has just opened in Ealing Broadway, and there’s one key difference that separates it from the typical supermarkets you walk into: there are no checkouts to pay for your groceries. That’s right, you simply walk out of the shop with all your items in a bag.

To explain more fully: before entering, all customers must scan their smartphone at the entrance; they can then walk around the shop collecting the objects they wish to buy, and upon leaving the premises they will be charged for what they have taken. It sounds as if it might feel unsettling to try out for the first couple of times, unless you’re used to shoplifting, but it could well be the future of grocery shopping. 

As for the stock on its shelves, Amazon has directly sourced some own-brand groceries (including eggs and milk), but the BBC reports that it will also stock products from Morrisons and Booths.

Additionally, Amazon is selling its “Just Walk Out” technology to other brands who may also be interested in incorporating this high-tech approach to our regular routine. 

Whether Amazon establishes itself as a rival to the likes of Tesco and Asda, or simply spreads its game-changing technology around to other stores in the country, it looks like the brand could have a big impact in the UK supermarket industry for some years to come.

Do you feel tempted to try out this store to see what the future of grocery shopping could look like, today? Or would you prefer to stick to the tried and tested method and pay for your items at the end of your trip? Let us know in the poll below.



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