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Apes Together Strong: Reddit speculators adopt thousands of gorillas

The Wall Streets Bets community on Reddit has branched out from stock speculation to give a helping hand to endangered gorillas.

Having hit the headlines for its audacious GameStop short squeeze, the Wall Street Bets community on Reddit has invested its winnings into the welfare of gorillas, donating an estimated £252,000 ($350,000) to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund to sponsor 3,500 endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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The philanthropic idea was derived from one of the subreddit’s mantras, “Apes Together Strong”, which was cribbed from the Planet of the Apes films and encourages investors to hold fast to its stocks even when the outlook is grim, and also references the community’s ironic self-deprecation as being simple primates compared to the supposed geniuses at investment banks.

So to celebrate the subreddit’s success in seemingly foiling the hedge funds who sought to “short” the stock of GameStop (i.e. bet against its success for their own profit), it was only natural that the Redditors would want to give something back to the magnificent creatures who inspired their firm resolve against daunting odds.

The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund warmly welcomed the unexpected funds, stating: “The WallStreetBets donations will be used not only to protect gorillas, but to protect their forest home, which is the second largest tropical rainforest on the planet and one of our best natural defences against climate change. As we often say: when you save gorillas, you save the planet.”

So from saving GameStop, to saving gorillas, to saving the planet. Where next for Wall Street Bets – the moon? If only dear Harambe had lived to see the day…


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