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Apple reportedly planned to open its own medical clinics

According to a new report, Apple had planned to make healthcare a central focus of its mission, even considering opening its own clinics.

The Wall Street Journal has revealed that Apple was planning to significantly intensify its efforts in the field of health and wellbeing, by creating clinics staffed by doctors and health professionals.

Apparently the care provided at these centres was intended to revolve around Apple’s own products. Some clinics had allegedly already been bought up by the brand, while clinicians, engineers, product designers had also been hired – until Apple seemingly decided to pull the plug on the project.

However, Apple dismissed the report, saying that it was based on “incomplete, outdated and inaccurate information”.

The idea does seem reminiscent of a dystopian capitalist world where even medicine is based around rampant consumerism; and if healthcare is already overpriced in the United States then I’d dread to imagine the Apple premium on top of that.

While Apple has recently sharpened its focus on health, particularly with the Apple Watch Series 6 and its predecessors that boast numerous fitness features, the scale of this operation is quite surprising given its departure from the tech brand’s usual affairs.

It’s not the only case where Apple appears to be looking well beyond its remind as a tech brand; there are persistent rumours that an Apple car will come to fruition, though nothing has yet rolled off the production line, while the brand’s launch of the streaming service Apple TV 4K seems to have been a success.

Only time will tell if Apple does indeed branch out into a field such as healthcare, but judging from the rapid and unpredictable expansion of other sprawling mega-corporations such as Amazon and Google, it wouldn’t be greatly surprising to see medicine as the next frontier of competition.




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