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Best cheap phone: Pick your favourite budget device from Oppo, Moto and more

Want to save money on a budget phone but worried that it’ll fall short? In 2020, there’s a ludicrous amount of strong choices when it comes to choosing the best cheap phone so you need not worry. We’ve picked four superb devices to fight for your vote.

It’s been an adage for quite some time now but it is safe to say that good phones are getting cheaper and cheap phones are getting… good-er (that’s not it, but you get the point). Even just above budget phones, you can comfortably pick up a mid-range phone that would make you question why premium flagships even exist.

Lower down the market at the best cheap phone price point, phones are remarkably capable – and that is where we reside today. The phones we’ve chosen for you to ponder offer a range of features that you just wouldn’t expect on phones priced well under £400. In the case of some, it isn’t just features, you get remarkable design and speedy performance too.

If you’re here then chances are you’re interested in the best cheap phones for your money, but what you might not expect is that you may not have to give up as much as you’d think. From premium design to surprisingly capable cameras and smooth displays, these cheap phones offer something for everyone – read on and vote for your top pick.



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