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Best phone: Vote for what you think is the top phone right now

From the best that Apple has to offer right now to the pick of the Android pile, there’s a plethora of premium smartphones on offer. We’ve grabbed six of them and put them to a vote, for your consideration.

We’ve got a cracking range of phones to choose from for this list, with a diverse set of flagships hitting the shelves over the past year. Apple has continued to build on its tried-and-true formula while Samsung has started shooting for ultra-premium heights. There’s also plenty of other contenders that offer strong features whether you’re a camera lover, software tweaker or display fanatic.

Up and down the phone market there’s been so much improvement of late, from the better value for money to those sparkling new premium features. We’ve brought together what we think is the best of the best but are leaving you to decide which phone you think is the very best you can buy right now. Get voting below and check back to see how your pick is doing.