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Best phone feature: Is the camera, screen, or battery the most important asset?

Mobiles are so much more than just telephones – the very best are like cameras, computers, and video players all rolled into one pocket-sized lifesaver. But which is the most important part?

When you bought your phone, the price was probably your first consideration. But after that, as hundreds of similar-looking glassy black slabs lay in front of you vying for attention, you had to carefully reflect on what you most needed your phone for – and there are plenty of attributes to bear in mind.

The gamers among you might have gone for a powerful processor, so that everything runs super smoothly with no lag or dropped frames; Instagram influencers would choose a class-leading camera to look superior on social media; while uncompromising power users are likely to opt for a beefy battery that will comfortably see you through a day or two without charging.

But which camp do you fall into? Would you accept a rubbish camera if the display was super-sharp? Is enduring battery life only a necessity for those who are too forgetful to charge their devices overnight? Are you a snobbish PC gamer who regards any accoutrements for “mobile gaming” as, at best, being surplus to requirements? Let us know your favourite phone feature in the poll below:



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