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Brits can no longer stream the Premier League when visiting Europe

Now that Brexit is in full swing, it’s going to be harder to follow Premier League football action when you’re on your travels.

Now that the UK has officially left the European Union, British subscribers to Sky, Amazon Prime, and BT Sport, can no longer watch live sport through these channels when visiting EU states. During the transition period this was still possible thanks to the EU Portability Regulation, but now Brits might face charges to access the content that’s part of their subscription at home, in yet another Brexit consequence that for some reason wasn’t printed in huge letters on the side of a bus.

According to The Guardian, here is the situation for the following streaming services:

  • Sky customers will not be able to stream films, TV shows, or watch live sport, though you can download TV shows or films in advance for your trip.
  • Amazon Prime subscribers will face a similar situation, though will also be able to watch content from the ‘watch abroad’ category.
  • BT Sport & BT TV customers can no longer use the apps or web players in the EU.

This will be quite a blow especially to frequent travellers – an endangered species during the pandemic but one that’s sure to re-emerge – and it could even prove to be an annoyance if your soccer-sceptic spouse books a surprise romantic retreat to the continent that just so happens to coincide with Super Sunday.

However the inaccessibility of Premier League coverage could be a relief for Sheffield United fans, with their team languishing at the foot of the table with just two points. In that case, a short trip over the Channel really will feel like a getaway.

But if you wanted to fill a football-shaped hole in your holiday by putting on a film or catching up with a favourite TV series, then you could even be thwarted again, because it’s not just sport that has been affected by the rule changes. The content you view must now be licensed in the country you are visiting; so while the original content from Amazon Prime and Apple TV+ will be mostly unaffected, Britbox will be entirely unavailable overseas, which will surely be a devastating blow to both of its subscribers.






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