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CES 2021: Here are our top picks from the flagship tech show

The annual Consumer Electronics Show has just finished, and here are our favourite new products from an exciting week of innovation.

CES 2021 boasted days of all-new products that pushed the boundaries of tech, and it’s been thrilling to keep up with them all. Now it’s all over, we’ve picked our top choices from the showcase — listed in no particular order.

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So, as Julie Andrews would sing, here are a few of our favourite things…

Samsung BotHandy

Samsung Bot Handy

Samsung turned plenty of heads when it unveiled its futuristic robotic helping hands. With the help of this cyborg servant, you need not get out of your chair for even the most mundane of tasks, such as setting the table or packing your dishwasher. This clever creation can analyse the materials of objects before grasping them in order to applying the correct grip strength.

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Proving that there’s still life yet left in OLED technology, LG revamped its range with even brighter, punchier, and more detailed images than ever before – so much so that the company describes it as the “second evolution” of the technology, hence the ‘evo’ in its name.

Razer Project Brooklyn

Razer Project Brooklyn

The Razer Project Brooklyn is a concept still a few years from true fruition, but we can’t wait to see it in the flesh. With a fold-out 60-inch screen cached away in the rear, haptic sensors through the seat, and well-engineered ergonomic fixtures all over, this will change the experience of gaming to be far more immersive than ever.

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Sony 360 Reality Audio

These omni-directional Bluetooth speakers promise to greatly improve your surround sound set-up to fill your room with immersive audio. It’s got Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support, but it’s with music that this speaker is likely to really excel. Going on sale in the spring, we’re really looking forward to trying this out.

LG Rollable Phone

Recently we’ve seen a shift towards foldable phones as the format of the future. Samsung and Huawei have both given it a shot, with mixed results; the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s launch was unforgettably disastrous, and even the revised version felt more of a prototype than a finished product.

But now LG has pitched a new way that the smartphones of tomorrow could save space; by rolling, rather than folding. It’s such a path-breaking idea that it’s hard to get your head around, but a genuine high-quality rollable screen would completely change the smartphone experience.

Sony Bravia Core

As if we haven’t already got enough streaming services, Sony has just launched one of its own, called Bravia Core. Where it’s different is its focus on movies, and its high picture quality; it will reportedly stream on 4K at 80Mbps, which is almost four times the standard offered by Netflix.

It goes without saying that you’ll need a beefy internet connection to achieve that quality, but we’re still looking forward to the day when streaming can match UltraHD physical media pound-for-pound.

Lenovo Lavie Mini

Much like the Alienware Concept UFO from the previous, this creation from Lenovo essentially packs all the might of a gaming PC into a console that’s around the same size as a Nintendo Switch. Being able to play demanding PC games while on the go really will be a game changer for convenience and comfort.

Chamberlain MyQ Pet Portal

If your pet only deserves the very best, then you’d better keep your eyes peeled for the MyQ pet portal. This doggie door ad absurdum is full to the brim of tech, including sensors, microphones, and cameras, that allow you to keep an eye on your dog’s movements. The motorized entry panel looks like it belongs on Tracy Island, and opens when it senses the dog’s collar but closes and locks swiftly afterwards to thwart unwanted intruders. Prices start from $2,999.

Kohler Infinity Experience Tub

This no-holds-barred hot tub is perfect if you’re looking to make everyone you’ve ever known insanely jealous of you. With aromatherapy diffusers, essential oils infusers, and a fog that sits just above the water, this is an ideal home-improvement option if you’re a billionaire tax exile because it will go on sale for $15,598 in October.

Razer Project Hazel

Finally, what could be more a apposite product for a pandemic-ravaged planet than a high-tech face mask? Feature RGB lighting to show the world around you that yes, you are a gamer, there are also practical features too: the N95 medical-grade respirator filters out 95% of airborne particles, and limits heat build-up, while its carry case can recharge and disinfect the mask.

Responding to the issue all of us are now familiar with — how to communicate while obscuring your face — the transparent panel at the front facilitates lip-reading, while there is VoiceAmp technology to save your speech from being muffled. And the best bit? You’ll look a bit like Darth Vader.



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