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Chill out, the official Xbox Mini Fridge will soon be available to buy

Following an inundation of memes about the appearance of the Xbox Series X, Microsoft has joined in on the joke and will release a real mini-fridge lookalike.

If you can’t beat them, join them. That’s the strategy Microsoft adopted as soon as they proudly released their next-generation Xbox Series X console, only to hear the whole internet ignore the cutting-edge specifications in favour of immediately comparing it’s upright boxy stature to a refrigerator.

Now, the brand has even gone so far as to make a real fridge in the shape of its flagship console, following a Twitter contest won by fans of the games system.

Announced at the E3 video games conference, Microsoft has said that the mini-fridge will be available starting from this year’s holiday season (around December), and seems about large enough to fit a few soft drinks.

The product’s official release comes in the wake of a Twitter campaign named #BestOfTweets, which pitted various corporate communications accounts against each other:

Xbox triumphed over Skittles in the final round by dint of promising to release an Xbox Series X themed fridge, so it was only a matter of time before we saw it come to life.

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Some diehard fans are excited by the prospect of owning a fridge in the image of their beloved console, and there’ a chance that the product could become a coveted collector’s item in years to come, but critics are wondering whether Microsoft has achieved the impossible and made a fridge that isn’t cool. Arguably, the Microsoft’s desperation to ridicule its own product for attention with a joke that isn’t really that funny doesn’t speak particularly highly of its confidence vis-à-vis the PS5.

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So what’s your opinion of the cooler shaped like a console? Let us know in the poll below.



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