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Could it be any more of a bargain? Friends themed Lego set is on sale this Amazon Prime Day

Your favourite sitcom has returned in Lego form, and you can snap up the set right now from Amazon at a super low price.

If you’re a fan of Friends — and come on now, who isn’t? — then here’s a deal that will make you wake up and smell the coffee. Lego’s official recreation of the iconic Central Perk café is available on an Amazon Prime day deal that knocks £24 off the price tag.

Deal: Lego Ideas FRIENDS Central Perk for £40.99

If tears were cried, your heartstrings tugged, and your sense of humour tickled by the recent Friends reunion episode, then what better way to commemorate your love for this special sitcom than to build a Lego coffee shop set that features all six main characters? After all, the minifigures are probably as plasticky as the real actors themselves these days.

You can have a reunion of your own with Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey (plus the lovelorn barista Gunther) with this neat kit that is set up just like a sitcom studio, complete with light installations. Key props include Phoebe’s guitar, while the café’s couch is detachable so that you can play with it separately.

This set looks perfect for re-enacting key scenes from the long-running series, or even making up your own plotlines for the beloved characters; alternatively, it would work as a great display piece to sit next to your well-worn box sets.

Deal: Lego Ideas FRIENDS Central Perk for £40.99

So if you feel tempted to treat yourself to your own miniature Central Perk playground, now is the time to do so, as you would make a £24 saving. It’s practically looking at you with a raised eyebrow saying “How you doin’?”

To take advantage of the deal, first make sure that you’ve got an Amazon Prime subscription, and then simply follow the link above to the product page.


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