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Diego Maradona: How to watch the definitive documentary for free online

Here’s how you can watch the critically acclaimed documentary on the unparalleled life of Diego Maradona, the football legend who has sadly passed away.

‘Diego Maradona’, the 2019 documentary covering the life of the legendary player, is currently available to watch for free on All 4, the online streaming service from Channel 4.  The film first became available on Thursday 26 November, and will stay online for 28 days.

LINK: Diego Maradona (2019) on All 4

The documentary focuses on Maradona’s transformative years at Italian club SSC Napoli. In an era where no club south of Rome had ever won the Serie A title, Maradona brought two Scudetti to Naples – along with a UEFA Cup and a Coppa Italia – and reached saint-like status in the city, to which this week’s mass informal commemorations bear testament.

But not for the first or last time in his life, there was a sour taste to the sweet success; Maradona left Napoli in 1992, after serving a 15-month ban for taking cocaine, and rumours abounded of his supposed links with the local mafia.

This film, directed by Asif Kapadia (who made a similarly acclaimed documentary on the life of Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna), is painstakingly constructed from more than 500 hours of archive footage, both on-field and behind the scenes, and lets you re-live the incredible scenes as they happened.

LINK: Diego Maradona (2019) on All 4

There’s to the man that that goal – or even that goal – against England in the 1986 World Cup, and this documentary provides an illuminating insight into the unique life story of a supremely talented footballer who rose from poverty to become a folk hero and sporting legend even as he battled his personal demons.




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