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Ever wondered how much Minecraft’s diamond pickaxe costs in real life? Here’s your answer…

If you fancy getting yourself a ring from Sonic the Hedgehog or the Master Sword from Zelda, you’re going to have to start collecting some more gold coins…

According to a report conducted by H&T Pawnbrokers, a diamond pickaxe such as is Minecraft would cost you a staggering £5 billion in real life – if such a thing even existed, as it would have to be crafted from the largest diamond ever mined, weighing 1,167kg. So while you’re saving up the cash to buy one, maybe should hit the gym to be able to use it – after all, you wouldn’t want people to think that your solid-diamond pickaxe was a mere vanity item.

Believe or not, that wasn’t even the top-priced classic video game accessory in the top ten, with that honour going to the gold rings from Sonic the Hedgehog, at an estimated price of £5.6 billion each. No wonder Sonic suddenly feels so much better after collecting them in the game…

Fans of Zelda need not be plutocrats to get their hands on a Master Sword of their own – reportedly, this blade (crafted from carbon steel) would cost around £1,800.

Along with these highly-priced totems, the site also gave estimates for cheaper but nonetheless cherished video game objects. A froggy chair from Animal Crossing costs £34 – that’s quite a few turnips – while a lawn flamingo from The Sims is just £8 (but they give no estimate for the price, let alone the associated life insurance premiums, of deciding to build an indoor barbecue, or a swimming pool without ladders).

Putting the video games on pause, the firm also gave estimates for some of the most iconic objects from the world of film. The Heart of the Ocean jewel from Titanic – consisting of a 170cts sapphire surrounded by 103 diamonds – would cost £7.5 million – so maybe Rose should have thought twice before throwing it into the ocean, even if it was a romantic gesture.

An even more famous item of jewellery – the One Ring, from The Lord of the Rings – costs a mere £63,140 by comparison, so poor old Gollum would have lost his tiny mind if he’d bumped into Kate Winslet rather than Elijah Wood.

The same source reckons that the Batmobile from the Adam West series would cost £3.2 million (hardly surprising for a superhero whose ‘superpower’ is, erm, being very rich), while Captain America’s shield would cost £415,000 – if you could locate the non-existant vibranium necessary for its construction.

It’s an interesting and fun list to peruse – I just wish that it had come out before Christmas, or I wouldn’t have just asked for more pairs of socks.


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