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Everything isn’t awesome: The Lego Movie directors are going to make a film on the pandemic

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the duo behind the infectiously popular Lego Movie, will turn their hand to a presumably more serious film on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Just in case you hadn’t thought enough about the coronavirus pandemic that was swept through the world this past year like a wildfire and still rages away, you’ll be pleased to know that Universal Pictures has bought the rights to Michael Lewis’ non-fiction book The Premonition: A Pandemic Story which recounts the stories of several Americans who tried to raise the alarm about the deadly virus before the infections spiralled out of control.

Well, that sounds just the cheerful pick-me-up we need in these trying times. You might have detected the subtlest hint of sarcasm in that statement, but the new movie will be made by a directing duo who really have brought us one of the most fun and uplifting films of recent years: The Lego Movie.

While it’s safe to say that not everything will be awesome given the subject matter this time round, we’re nonetheless looking forward to seeing Phil Lord and Christopher Miller bringing their storytelling flair to the cinema once again.

The source material is written by Michael Lewis, writer of The Big Short and Moneyball, and focuses on three key personalities in the early days of the pandemic: a biochemist, a public health worker and a federal government employee. Not only do they have to fight the pandemic, but they also must face up to bureaucracy that can stand in the way of an efficient response.

Deadline reports that the tone of the film will be similar to that of All the President’s Men, and given its topicality it could well be a contender for major awards recognition if done well.




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