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Forget 5G, Apple is already looking into 6G

If you’re just getting used to the idea of 5G mobile connectivity, wait till you hear about Apple’s plans to shake things up even more.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is hiring new wireless system engineers to specifically “research and design next generation (6G) wireless communication systems for radio access networks” and “participate in industry/academic forums passionate about 6G technology”.

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Despite the fact that the iPhone 12 was the very first time 5G was featured in Apple’s smartphone range, the firm evidently has ambitious plans to hit the ground running with the following generation of mobile data connectivity (which is not expected to arrive on the scene until 2030 at the earliest.)

Average 5G speeds are in the 150-200Mbps ballpark, with peak speeds hitting 1Gbps, but admittedly wide range of estimates for the next-generation tech have it down as reaching as much as one hundreds times that speed. The true potential of 5G in such fields as Augmented Reality still hasn’t been harnessed on a wider scale, so it’s hard to imagine what 6G could have in store for us in ten years’ time.

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Of course 6G is not the only futuristic technology that Apple has been working on. There have been reports that the tech giant is developing its own electric car, but the notoriously secretive brand has not yet said anything publicly about this ambition.



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