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Four things smaller than a PS5 – Number 3 will surprise you

Chonk, thicc, hench and oh Lord, he coming. These are just some of the phrases people have used to the describe the unusually large PS5 console. But is Sony’s latest device really that big? Well, let’s have a bit of fun, shall we?

At this point, every outlet under the sun has compared the size of the PS5 to that of the Xbox Series X/S, the PS4 and, even, the Nintendo Switch. Here at Recombu, we do things a little differently and I’m more curious to know how the gargantuan PS5 stacks up against everyday bits and bobs.

So with that in mind, and a handy bit of measuring tape, I’ve rounded up several objects that are surprisingly smaller than a PS5. And, yes, I am a professional journalist, thank you for asking.


1. A dog (probably a Cocker Spaniel)

This isn’t just any dog we’re talking about. Obviously, if you pit a St Bernard against a PS5 then the odds aren’t exactly in Sony’s favour. However, if you happen to be one of those small handbag dogs, or even something on the medium-small side (Cockapoos we’re looking at yous), then the PS5 might look like a skyscraper.

Pixar PS5

2. Luxo Jr (The Pixar Lamp)

He might look imposing from the way he absolutely decimates the I at the start of every Pixar flick, but don’t be fooled – Luxo’s got nothing on the PS5. Case in point, if you put the two side by side, it’s any wonder why Pixar just doesn’t replace Luxo with Sony’s latest console. The PS5 could probably flatten all of the company’s lettering in one fell thunk.

PS5 vs Godzilla

3. Godzilla… apparently

Okay, this is getting absurd now. Someone on the art team has put this picture together, expecting me to write some witty copy to accompany it. All the while ignoring the egregious twisting of the truth that’s right in front us. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but this picture is simply misleading… it would take at least 50 Godzillas to topple the gigantic heights reached by Sony’s console. Honestly, I’m lost for words.

PS5 vs Xbox

4. Most importantly… an Xbox Series X

Look, we all had a good laugh about how the Xbox Series X looks like a fridge but, if we’d only known what was on the horizon, then I don’t think we’d have been so quick to criticise. Stood next to the PS5, the Series X feels like a console for borrowers. Heck, if the Xbox Series X is a fridge, then you can consider the PS5 to be the industrial sized shipping container that’s used to store fridges in.


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