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Garfield the Pratt: Chris is cast as the lasagna-loving feline

Chris Pratt has been chosen to voice Garfield the cat in an upcoming film adaptation, just weeks after being controversially cast as Mario.

If you held a particular fictional character close to your heart as a child, then you’d best prepare yourself for the extremely high chance that it will come to life with the voice of… Chris Pratt.

Just weeks after being cast in the lead role for an upcoming Super Mario movie, the star of Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World has found his name at the top of another voice cast list; this time as Garfield the cat.

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Garfield is famously a lazy cartoon cat that likes to do nothing more than eat lasagna and moan about Monday mornings — and in so doing is one of the most relatable characters in literature. While Chris Pratt’s choice as Nintendo’s Italian plumber may have raised a few eyebrows, this one seems to be a more natural fit for the leading man who made his name as the loveable goofball Andy Dywer in Parks and Recreation.

This isn’t actually the first time that Garfield has been brought to the big screen, and there’s a lesson to be learned in what happened when the role was given to Bill Murray for the 2004 movie.

Murray was supposedly under a misapprehension when he signed on to do the role, stating in a Reddit AMA:

I had a hilarious experience with Garfield. I only read a few pages of it, and I kind of wanted to do a cartoon movie, because I had looked at the screenplay and it said “Joel Cohen” on it. And I wasn’t thinking clearly, but it was spelled Cohen, not Coen. I love the Coen brothers movies. I think that Joel Coen is a wonderful comedic mind. So I didn’t really bother to finish the script, I thought “he’s great, I’ll do it.”

Rather unsurprisingly to everyone except Mr Murray, it turned out that the screenplay was not written by one of the minds behind Fargo and Burn After Reading, and instead the veteran comedic actor had a torrid time in the recording studio for the movie, describing it as “like Fantastic Mr Fox without the joy or the fun”. Let’s hope that Chris Pratt at least knows exactly what he signed up for…






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