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Here’s what happens when you try to drive a Tesla Model S Plaid underwater

Finally a definitive answer to the question all of us have been asking ourselves: what happens when you dunk an expensive electric car under water?

If I had a lot of money, there are few things I wouldn’t buy, just to dunk them in the water like an overgrown toddler at bathtime for the sheer hell of it. But near the top of the list would surely be a top of the range Tesla Model S Plaid, which sports a starting price of £118,980 ($129,990).

The video above from the YouTube channel Chillin’ with Chet shows several modifications being made to the vehicle before it takes the plunge into a purpose-built seven-foot deep trench filled with water.

The car is sealed with tape in order become watertight, as are electrical components, while also adding over 2,000kg of extra weight to counteract potential buoyancy when it’s in the water.

However, the experiment ended in failure when the car floated in the water despite all that counterweight, promptly stalled, and a considerable amount of water came rushing into the stairwells. What had been intended to be a smooth demonstration of a car driving through the trench and emerging on the other side instead ended when the car was half towed out — until even the towline snapped. 

It was an interesting experiment and still worth the watch, but we’re hoping that Chet tries again with the benefit of added experience and actually gets his car into and out of the water next time all under its own power.



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