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How do you drink yours? Here’s how to get Cadbury Creme Egg flavour beer

If you’re hoping to add some beery cheer to Easter under lockdown, look no further than this special edition stout from Goose Island.

If you like Creme Eggs and you like beer… well, to be honest we’re not sure whether you’ll love or loathe this new concoction but here it is anyway: the new Goose Island Creme Stout.

The quirky booze was first launched on March 3, but sold out within minutes if not seconds. Your next chance to order it will fall on 11am, March 8 — so make sure you’re there on the dot for your best chance of getting some. You can only buy it directly from Goose Island’s website. Much like the eggs themselves though, when you come to pay you might find that it’s surprisingly expensive; £10 will just get you two 440ml cans.

The sugary stout contains malted barley, oats, wheat, cacao nibs and vanilla beans and is 4.5% Alcohol by Volume, so you should get an authentically creamy and chocolatey taste as soon as you take the first sip, and a cracking Easter Monday hangover if you drink too much of it.

Plastered across the side of each can is the slogan: “It’s the Golden Goo-Beer-Lee!” This might not work at all as a pun, but it does signify that Creme Eggs have been around for fifty years, since 1971.

The horrifying serving suggestion reads: “Evenly bite the top off a Creme Egg, lick the goo and use chocolate shell as a tiny beer vessel.” In the accompanying promotional video, you can actually watch this barbarism being performed in front of your very eyes. Lockdown-induced cabin fever truly has a lot to answer for.

However, perhaps all this hedonism is a mere distraction from the real creme conspiracy that has stalked the land for most of the fifty years of its existence. BJ Novak, one of the stars and writers of the US version of The Office, was brave enough to blow it wide open back in 2007 (clip above): the ugly truth that Creme Eggs have reduced in size over the years. All I’m saying is, make sure those cans really are 440ml when you have them delivered.



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