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How to watch Rick and Morty Season 5 for free in the UK

The unstable grandfather-grandson duo are teaming up once again for another season of the cartoon sci-fi satire. Here’s how you can watch it in the UK, without paying.

The off-beat adult animation Rick and Morty is back for its fifth season, and just like McDonald’s limited edition Szechaun sauce, it’s in hot demand right now.

Providing that you have a valid TV licence, here’s how you can watch the series for free in the UK:

  • The episodes will be broadcast on E4 at 10pm starting on June 21
  • After the broadcast, each episode will be available on the All 4 streaming service

Season 5 will offer yet more wacky intergalactic hijinks with more than a touch of dark, soul-searching nihilism, as young Morty and his genius grandfather Rick team up to go on bizarre adventures through the universe, various multiverses and alternate realities, and beyond.

But it’s not just space and time that will be explored; Morty’s high school crush, his parents’ marriage, and Rick’s empathy-defying personality will surely be put under examination once again, likely to the background of some planet-threatening catastrophe or other.

Fortunately for us, quite a few video clips have already been made available from the new series, in advance of his premiere. In addition to several trailers, including the one embedded further up the page, Adult Swim has also posted the ‘cold open’ to the first episode (above).

The hilarious clip shows Morty seeming to pull off the impossible, saving the lives of himself and his grandfather, through sheer power of will after he confesses his true feelings to Jessica. Will things finally work out for the lad who’s so unlucky in love? Well perhaps not, as Rick’s hitherto-unknown nemesis is awakened by their spacecraft’s splashdown in the ocean. You’ll just have to watch the full episode to find out whether “Mr Nimbus” really does prove a worthy rival to Rick and the Smith family.




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