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Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR comic is coming to Netflix

Keanu Reeves continues his conquering comeback, sealing a film and TV series deal with Netflix for his passion project, comic book BRZRKR.

Netflix has announced that it is developing both a live-action film and an anime series based on BRZRKR, a comic book series about an immortal warrior known as Beserker, which was created and co-written by Keanu Reeves.

Reeves will not only act as producer on both projects, he’ll star in the film (presumably as the protagonist, who just so happens to have a mane of black hair and a scraggly beard), and will voice the same character in the following animated series.

Introducing fans to the concept in the video below, the action star eloquently says that BRZRKR has “everything you want from a comic book… It’s got action, has a little romance, and it’s about something”. Hmm. 

The tale of this immortal warrior takes place over 80,000 years, so there should be plenty of suitable historical settings to draw on and Reeves is of course no stranger to time travelling antics, having starred in Bill & Ted Face the Music just last year. But I’m guessing this film might be a bit more bloodthirsty than the bromance between those dim but endearing rockers.

In fact, it seems we’re living through somewhat of a renaissance for Keanu’s career right now. Following the great success of the all-action John Wick movies, the Matrix series will also be revived with a fourth instalment that once again will feature Reeves in the iconic role of Neo, and he’s even tried his hand in video games with a starring role as Johnny Silverhand in the ill-fated dystopian RPG Cyberpunk 2077.

But hey, more Keanu Reeves in the world can only be a good thing, unless he reprises his role as Jonathan Harker from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, that is. If one of the Beserker’s quests is to erase that performance from history, then it’s already gone up in my estimation.


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