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Konami is “very sorry” for eFootball glitches, and promises a quick fix

Konami has apologised to fans of its new football game, following widespread horror and hilarity at the various glitches it has produced.

eFootball, the successor to Konami’s long-running PES video game series, has got off to a torrid start thanks to a glut of glitches that have greatly amused the general public but seriously aggravated the fanbase.

In response, the publisher has released a statement acknowledging the “feedback and requests” that it has received since the launch, and has apologised for the problems experienced by players. Continuous improvements will be made to the game, while a major update is scheduled for October, and gamers’ opinions and experiences will be solicited via a questionnaire, as the company seeks to restore its reputation.

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While the statement makes reference to issues with “facial expressions, movements of players and the behaviour of the ball”, the old truism still holds that a picture says a thousand words — so here we have collected some of the best (or rather, worst) examples from eFootball’s first few tumultuous days…

In the above clip, where Barcelona starlet Ansu Fati runs around like that kid used to do in the school playground with arms outstretched behind him, is surely an improvement if anything rather than a fault. I just hope the next update adds the sounds he makes with his mouth as he’s zooming around.

Former Real Madrid hard man Pepe may have retired from the Portuguese national team, but his muscular style of defending seems to have lived on with this shoulder-dislocating challenge. No foul, play on.

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Say what you will about graphics glitches, but this motley crew of spectators seems to be a strikingly lifelike representation of the match-going crowd at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium. Well, perhaps after a zombie apocalypse that is.

Cristiano Ronaldo would probably rather resemble that infamous bronze bust at Madeira airport than this unflattering face scan, while Lionel Messi’s bewildered face pretty much sums up everyone’s reaction to eFootball’s dodgy debut.






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