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LEGO unveils new Ferrari kit – and the attention to detail is mind-blowing

The Ferrari 488 GTE will soon come to life in the form of a new LEGO Technic set – so will you be racing off to buy it?

The grand tourer racing car kit will be available from January 1, at a price of £169.99 – and Ferrari fans will be thrilled with the attention to detail this set offers. From minute mechanics such as a model V8 engine with moving pistons, to the accurate race numbers and sponsor stickers, there seems to be nothing that has escaped LEGO’s exacting requirements. What’s more, the Ferrari branding is authorised down to the finest detail, even including the famous “prancing horse” badge on the steering wheel.

The finished model will be 48cm in length, and is built from 1,677 “elements” (including bricks and wheels), and is judged to be a “rewarding and absorbing build for older builders”…. Yeah, it’s going to be a difficult one, no doubts there! It’s recommended for those aged 18 and above, but you might still need a helping hand from your dad to finish the job.

Alessandro Pier Guidi, GT Official driver, said: “When I was a kid I played quite often with LEGO bricks, so when I saw this reproduction of the Ferrari 488 GTE I was really impressed, especially considering some of the features they managed to replicate. I have to say that to see a LEGO Technic model of a car that I raced and carried my name on has made me very proud.”

You might not be as lucky as he is to have actually raced the car in question – but doubtless completing this kit will be a proud moment nonetheless.





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